UAE trademark registration

The Emirates is one of the most advanced corners of the world, procedures in it are carried out quickly and accurately. You can get the UAE trademark registration in a maximum of 3 months. Before starting the registration procedure, we conduct the UAE trademark search. And then in the UAE they believe that it takes a long time.

SION Service: UAE trademark registration
UAE trademark registration

Features of patent office in the Emirates:

  • Documentation is submitted simultaneously in Arabic and English.
  • If they find similarities, they will refuse: they are not as loyal to them here as in the EU. Therefore, they must be carefully searched for in local databases.
  • Payment of duties cannot be delayed, otherwise they can be fined.
  • The registration certificate is issued in electronic form, it is not printed on paper.
  • Emirates is a Muslim state. It is prohibited to formation badges related to alcohol, drinking clubs, pork and nightlife here.

How to register a trademark in the UAE?

Not so long ago, a trademark in the UAE could only be registered directly with the UAE Ministry of Economy. However, after the UAE start a member of the Madrid System, this became possible within the framework of the international trademark registration.

An important step before beginning the process of registering a designation as a trademark in the UAE is the notarization of a power of attorney to represent the interests of the applicant by a UAE patent attorney. Without notarization of the power of attorney, it will not be possible to register a trademark. In addition, the process itself can be carried out exclusively by a UAE patent attorney. To quickly sign a power of attorney, you can use the electronic notarization service. However, the digital notary service is not available to non-residents of the UAE. What to do in this case, ask us in Telegram.

Important! A legalized power of attorney provides authority to register a trademark not only in the UAE, but also in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Therefore, if you need to register in these countries, you do not need to additionally look for an attorney.

Even though an availability search is not optional, It is highly recommended to conduct a trademark availability search. A search will reveal the existence of an identical or confusingly similar trademark that could pose a threat to the trademark application during the examination.

To conduct an availability search we have to identify the classification under which your business falls. The UAE trademark database search is available exclusively to IP professionals and is subject to a fee. The cost of conducting an availability search in one class for one TM is USD 250 (Government Fees USD 100 + Professional fees USD 150). To quickly order a service, write to us in Telegram or email:

UAE trademark registration process and cost

Once the search report is clear. You may proceed with the filing of an application in the appropriate International Classification for completing the Registration.  

Once the application is filed, the trademark examiner will examine the application to ascertain that your trademark is distinctive and does not confuse with other registered trademarks. Once satisfied, he shall issue the Notice of acceptance and publication. The trademark will then be published in two local Newspapers and the Trademark official Gazette of U.A.E. From the date of publication a 30 days public inspection period is observed and during this time anyone can make an objection if they feel their trademark is being copied. If no successful objection is lodged with the trademark office with the 30 days deadline the trademark is registered on the 31st day. The Registration Certificate can be obtained after paying the Registration fees.

The trademark registration process will take 2 to 3 months from the date of filing the application. The validity of the trademark is 10 years from the date of application, renewable thereafter.

Government Fees is USD 2000 for trademark in one class of Nice Classification including two local Arabic Newspaper Publications + Professional fees from USD 500. Please note that the UAE does not follow a multi-class application system. Therefore, a goverment fee of USD 2000 is charged for each class of the Nice classification.

Our attorney representative in the UAE submit  documents to the local patent authority directly, without intermediaries. To find out the UAE trademark registration cost, please contact us in Telegram or an email:


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