27.05.2022 What are the Metaverses?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality environment where people can interact with other people and digital objects. The first metaverse one was created by the same people who made Roblox, which you could call a metaverse itself. It is a new platform, which will be built on the new Facebook — Meta.

12.05.2022 NFT IP protection

The popularity of releasing your own NFTs collections is growing every day. Sad events in Ukraine provoked the release of charitable collections or the creation of NFT contests. However, for a large number of Internet users, NFT is still a secret with seven seals. Let's analyze this concept from all sides in more detail.

29.04.2022 Intellectual property

For any creator or business, the worst thing is the theft and plagiarism of intellectual property, which was created with […]

26.04.2022 World IP Day 2022

Happy International Intellectual Property Day! In this difficult time and the reversal of the polarity of world leaders, the intellectual […]

22.02.2022 Trademark – what is it?

Trademark – what is it? A trademark is also called a trademark or brand (protection is carried out on a […]