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Legal protection of startups and businesses

Startup legal protection

Every project at any stage of its life requires lawful support. First you need to register an enterprise, choose a form of ownership, a tax model. Then to support interests, to protect developments and property. These important actions are implied by the concept of “legal protection of the business”.

It is extremely important for existing structures and for beginners. Startups are confidently settling in the world. Young companies, whose activities are related to innovations and modern technologies, require a specific legitimate approach.

SION provides legal support for your projects in any country of the world. You can contact us to register a company and its intellectual property (IP), develop cooperation agreements, represent interests in government agencies.

The advantages of SION:

  • Experience and practice. We have been working since 2011, specializing in finance, taxes, IT, IP, trade.
  • Individual approach, complex solutions. We do not follow a template, we think ahead.
  • Implementation of innovations. We keep track of world practice, new methods of work, and news feeds.
  • A responsibility. We carefully keep commercial and law secrets.
  • Result. We achieve it in the interests of the client.
Free consultation

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    Not every company benefits from having a lawyer on staff. Even if he is, in the event of emergency situations, his competence is often not enough. For such cases, many companies use the service of lawful support. They outsource the solution of complex issues to professional lawyers by concluding a subscription service agreement.

    This solution has many advantages. For example:

    • The interests of the entrepreneur will be protected by professionals.
    • All problems (with regulatory authorities, courts, law enforcement officers) are undertaken by a specialist. The head of the company is only getting acquainted with the results.
    • In case of a sudden problem, you do not need to look for a lawyer, you need to call the accompanying specialist.
    • You can count on a wide range of services: consulting, drafting documents, law analysis, negotiations, representation in courts, etc.

    SION lawyers provide comprehensive legitimate support for enterprises. They are well versed in the work of entities, and are interested in protecting their interests. We use proven and non-standard solutions, we are always in touch, we carry out turnkey work.

    Services that we provide within the framework of lawful support – protection of client interests:

    To protect the client, we take on the work with the following risks:

    • contractual;
    • distribution of commercial information;
    • associated with the loss of assets, IP, reputation;
    • conflicts between owners;
    • loss of projects, raiding.

    We take preventive measures to protect our clients, as well as promptly respond to potentially dangerous actions. We check the counterparties so that they do not turn out to be one-day firms, we register the property, and we carry out legitimate protection. We have extensive practical experience in each issue.

    Sooner or later, every founder is faced with the issues of starting a startup, protecting their ideas. For successful development, it is not enough to have a business idea and a vision of how to implement it. The project must be correctly executed from a legaly point of view in order to properly interact with counterparties, clients and investors.

    Legal protection of startups and businesses

    Each startup requires lawful support at all stages of a project’s life. This will help to avoid many problems. SION has experience working with projects of various sizes. We accompany the projects at all its steps: when choosing a legitimate model, attracting investors, registering copyright and other rights.

    As part of legal support for a startup, we help resolve the following issues. We:

    • analyze the law requirements in order to launch the project in accordance with them;
    • show you the legitimate, financial, tax models of activity;
    • develop lawful documents for the project;
    • issue the copyright for the idea and finished products, register the TM;
    • provide assistance in attracting investors (when placing on incubators, crowdfunding platforms), develop an investment agreement, conduct Due diligence;
    • protect the property rights of founders.

    If necessary, we represent the company in courts and administrative authorities; accompany transactions, conduct contractual activities.

    Free consultation

    Leave a request and we will call you back within 10 minutes

      Due diligence – audit of startups

      Due diligence – checking a startup, drawing up an objective view of it. Usually, the procedure is carried out at the investment stage, all promising projects face it. The investor needs to know for sure that he is not investing in vain, that the idea is promising and well-developed.

      Due diligence audits can be legal, financial, strategic, etc. It allows you to assess the risks and provides answers to the following questions:

      does the entrepreneur have enough competencies;

      is the business plan realistic;

      whether the voiced facts correspond to reality.

      The registration data of the company, internal documentation (distribution of duties), the availability of patents for development are mandatory. An investment deal may fail if concealment of facts, distortion of figures, low competence, isolation from reality, and other problems are revealed.

      SION specialists have extensive experience in checking startups. We collect and analyze information, study the business plan and incorporation documents, and interview the creators. We conduct an audit commissioned by investors or startups themselves who want to assess the prospects.

      It is extremely important to formalize certain points in the activities of a young projects. 

      There are a lot of them, let’s highlight 4 main ones:

      • Lawful registration of a company (individual entrepreneur, legal entity). If you plan to enter international markets, you will need to register abroad.
      • Blockchain legal services.
      • Distribution of responsibilities – an agreement on cooperation between the participants at the initial stage. MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), LOI (Letter of Intent) can be taken as an example.
      • Registration of IP. First of all – technological, then – TM.
      • To work in foreign jurisdictions, you need to check if there is a similar registered IP.
      • Compliance – compliance with the legislation of the countries in which one is to work. This is a very individual and extremely important question for the future of the companies.

      SION lawyers take care of the legal protection of a company that plans to start with a new idea in any country. We suggest the appropriate form of ownership and select the optimal taxation system, form and register an intellectual business portfolio (brand, invention, etc.) Together with our clients, we choose a number of jurisdictions in which TM and patents need to be registered, we conduct compliance, we deal with other issues of support for startups and their legitimate protection.

      For detailed information and to start cooperation, please mail by us: info@sion-ip.com

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