Blockchain legal services

The active development of Blockchain technology and the use of distributed ledger technology have caused a wave of legislative regulation of these processes in many countries. The needs of crypto businesses for Blockchain legal services are growing as regulatory scrutiny increases and the market is highly competitive. 

In modern conditions, a token or alternative coin can be transferred from simple use to use as a security. Naturally, this raises a number of legal issues that are important to resolve before the project is announced. Of course, there are still a lot of legal risks and responsibilities from structuring the Blockchain business itself to specific stages of implementation. 

Our company keeps up with the times, for about 6 years our leading blockchain lawyers have been providing legal support for blockchain projects. We have experience in launching a Blockchain business in the UK, USA, Russia, and the UAE. Our clients include large crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, various payment solution providers, and trading platforms. We have applications of Blockchain technology in various business sectors, which ensures our high level of expertise.

SION provides the following services in this area:

  • Formation of the legal structure of the blockchain business;
  • Crypto taxes advice, tax planning;
  • Сonsultations on the choice of jurisdiction for your crypto company;  
  • Corporate formation in the UK, USA, Russia, UAE and other countries of the world; 
  • Legal support for opening bank accounts and connecting payment systems. Internet acquiring;
  • Crypto license. Legal advice on licensing requirements, support for obtaining a license;
  • Legality of website tokens, sale, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial exchange offering), STOs (Security Token Offerings). Structuring the underlying asset;
  • White paper review. Opinion letters;  
  • Advising on structuring and compliance with the latest innovative Blockchain-based solutions;
  • Advising on WEB 3.0 marketing and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), DeFi projects;
  • Consultations on the creation and release of NFT collections, virtual reality games, implementation of projects for the Metaverse;
  • Intellectual property management and strategies. NFT copyright protection; 
  • Cybersecurity legal advice; 
  • AML/CTF compliance;
  • Personal data protection (GDPR);
  • International legal support for projects on the Blockchain. 

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