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Blockchain is a modern system for saving and transferring information in the form of sequential chains of transaction blocks. These blocks form a single information base that is automatically updated with each subsequent transaction.

Blockchain is an array of data that simultaneously works on many computers, so that they contain the most verified information. And there is no “main server” familiar to us.

When the technology first appeared, it was used only for cryptocurrency, and later banking organizations became interested in it. But now innovative technology is becoming more and more popular in different segments of business. Thus, platforms for creating business applications based on blockchain technology are capable of solving many problems for which it was previously necessary to involve many specialists. We are talking about online transactions, quality control, tracking the production processes of various products, the fight against fakes, advertising, etc.

Benefits of blockchain for business

With the help of blockchain technology today it is possible to modernize and increase the profitability of any business. Consider the following popular areas for application:

  1. Finance and banking.  Blockchain technology simplifies payment processing, reduces the cost of transactions between countries. It also reduces the risk of human error and fraud.
  2. Insurance and health protection. Blockchain technology provides access to personal information without compromising security, identity verification, asset exchange without the intervention of a third party.
  3. Advertising. Improving consumer advertising targeting, facilitating licensing operations. On the basis of the blockchain, streaming platforms are launched, and a transparent exchange of content is also provided.
  4. E-commerce and retail. Increasing consumer engagement with blockchain-based loyalty programs. Prevention of fraudulent schemes and protection against fakes.
  5. Logistics and transport. Route planning optimization. Delivery tracking and fleet management, etc.
  6. Government and education. Facilitate administrative purposes and administrative services. Security and tracking of government records, etc.

You can learn more about ensuring the legal registration of blockchain projects, regardless of the business area, from SION specialists.   

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    Blockchain Application Development

    In the process of creating blockchain applications for clients from various fields, technical and legal professionals focus on efficiency and security. The joint work of highly qualified specialists from different areas allows you to create a high-quality product that best suits the modern requirements for business applications.

    Examples include:

    1. Cryptocurrency solutions. Development of platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. Also, thanks to blockchain technology, you can create your own cryptocurrency by analogy with Bitcoin.
    2. Integration of existing client products into mobile software in order to simplify blockchain operations for end users.
    3. Blockchains for the logistics segment, etc.

    Blockchain technology has the potential to simplify many of today’s business requests, such as reducing the number of tasks that need to be done manually, simplifying reporting and auditing, and so on.

    Do you want to know exactly how? Contact our specialists and we will help you develop and protect your business project.

    Smart Contract Development

    Wherever blockchain is used, smart contracts are used. The latter are contracts between many parties. Transactions are stored on the blockchain in the form of a program code, which makes them irreversible for each participant in the contract. When the specified conditions are met, the transaction is implemented by the blockchain. This makes it possible to conclude contracts without intermediaries and without powers of attorney.

    Smart contracts” are used for such areas of activity where there is an automated fulfillment of obligations by the parties without evaluation and direct participation of the user. A smart contract itself monitors how certain conditions of the contract are fulfilled. And thanks to blockchain technology, the contract is protected from any outside interference.

    SION can provide legal security when concluding a “smart contract”. We also provide a number of related legal services for the start and operation of blockchain projects. 

    Blockchain ecosystem

    Blockchain ecosystem is a decentralized digital ecosystem of services built around the social capital of its participants. It includes mobile and desktop applications, websites, social media bots, and more.

    The digital ecosystem solves many business problems:

    • increasing profits;
    • getting rid of bureaucratic costs when registering and maintaining your company;
    • reducing the cost of attracting clients and investments in the business;
    • optimization of personnel costs.

    Blockchain technology and the ecosystems include a full range of cryptocurrency trading software, guaranteeing immutable and completely transparent transactions. Currently, it is possible to create various parts of the blockchain ecosystem, in particular:

    • crypto wallets;
    • tools designed for analytics;
    • multisystem exchanges;
    • blockchain explorers;
    • portfolio monitoring applications.

    Currently, more and more developers are taking on decentralized projects based on blockchain technology.

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      Blockchain and Web3

      Web3 is an updated concept of the World Wide Web, which is based on decentralization, lack of censorship and regulatory bodies.

      In decentralized applications, the server part is located not on a separate computer, but in the blockchain and is stored on nodes, which can be many, located in different parts of the world and owned by different people. When a user enters information, it is copied in all nodes to different copies of the blockchain. No one will be able to manipulate this data.

      What problems does Web3 solve?

      • eliminating intermediaries and reducing the number of third parties when concluding a contract;
      • the emergence of a new network of more adapted communications and connections between participants in the management segment;
      • data exchange with great guarantees of confidentiality and security;
      • elimination of dependence on platforms in the implementation of entrepreneurial and investment activities.

      Web 3 applications are built on open source software that developers and users have access to. Our developers can develop the source code, and at the stage of business transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, SION lawyers will be able to provide comprehensive protection for your business project.

      Blockchain development at NFT-projects, NFT-games, Metaverse

      For business advertising, the old approaches are no longer relevant. Currently, marketers promote the business and attract new customers to it through NFT projects and NFT games, thus occupying a place for business in the Metaverse. The first businesses in the virtual Universe have already become millionaires, which is why this area is intensively developing and continues to be interesting for the development of various areas, attracting customers and buyers. For example, the McDonald’s restaurant has already become virtual, the fashion brands Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and others, too.

       Methods for using technology are available in:

      • decentralized finance;
      • art;
      • games;
      • smart contracts;
      • fundraising for charity, etc.

      With the advent of NFTs becoming widespread, gamers have found that tokens are suitable for gaming as well. Many blockchain-based projects make it possible to use the NFT, which opens up new horizons. The future of the gaming industry, built on technology, implies a large number of tokens. With the help of assets, gamers will be able to create games, the Metaverse, sell them on OpenSea or other platforms.

      NFT is paramount for blockchain-based gaming. In the near future, the transition will be the base and the norm for this segment. 

      Our developers, together with lawyers, will develop and defend the best marketing projects for business. They will also ensure the release of the NFT collection on any of the platforms.

      Blockchain development cost

      When you have already assessed the prospects for the development of such applications, you will probably be interested in how much it will cost to create a specific project based on blockchain technology?

      You can imagine some developments at a price based on the characteristics of a particular project, whether it is the development of a web wallet, the development of a cryptocurrency exchange, the creation and launch of a token, the development of a smart contract, and so on. But these will only be approximate figures.

      It is best to start with a detailed technical specification, where, among other things, the number of hours that will be needed to develop a blockchain project is indicated.

      Future projects based on blockchain, prescribing the terms of smart contracts, asset tokenization, NFT copyright protection – all this is not complete without a blockchain lawyer when doing business online.

      SION developers and blockchain lawyers are working together to create unique blockchain projects. They provide services for the development of blockchain applications, NFT games, NFT collections, Web-3 and more. Our blockchain lawyers will help with the choice of jurisdiction for running a blockchain business, licensing, legalization of token issuance processes, and more. We have our own NFT copyright protection and anti-piracy software on the Internet. 

      For a detailed discussion of your project and terms of cooperation, please contact us by email:

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