Trademark registration

Its future largely depends on the name of TM. And the trademark registration is needed so that no one else can usage it, gain commercial benefit or ruin the owner’s reputation. No one wants to invest in logo advertising so that third parties have opportunities to make money on it. Having officially formalized the name of a product or service, you legally enter the international market.

SION’s specialists provide legal support for obtaining a trademark in any country in the world.

  • We provide assistance in obtaining a legal logo in the patent office of any country (national procedure) and under the Madrid System.
  • We know the legal intricacies of working with marks in many nations, we have made this many times in practice.
  • We provide 100% legal protection of the client and his property.
  • We minimize the risks of refusals in disputable situations.

We transfer your intellectual property to the category protected by law, we will assist you to register a brand. We work with those who are just starting their own business, and with the “sharks” of the market.

Check trademark names

To eliminate the risk of refusal to obtain a trademark certificate, before filing an application with the patent office, a trademark search for similarity and identity.  Thus, check a trademark is carried out with previously registered trademarks and trademarks filed for registration in similar classes of the Nice Classification.The search is carried out in the TM database of the patent office of the country where it is planned to register trademarks. 

As a rule, the use of databases of registered marks are free of charge. However, in countries such as Russia, the UAE and others, such bases are paid. In any case, it is better to clarify the trademark search with experienced patent attorneys. We offer a free trademark search in TM databases without a written report. Also paid trademark search with a detailed written report.

In the search report, we indicate: 

  • the classes of the Nice Classification according to which the search was carried out and, if the outcome is positive, the registration procedure for TM will begin.
  • a list of all similar and / or identical brands indicating the degree of similarity. 
  • describe the possibility or impossibility of obtaining protection. In the latter case, we describe the steps to correct this situation. 
  • if the designation is unique according to all criteria, then we proceed to the preparation of the application. 

To order a trademark search service, write to us by email:

Trademark registration term

As a rule, the legislation of most countries does not establish specific deadlines during which the responsible authority considers an application for brand registration. In practice, this takes on average about 12 months. In some countries, an expedited procedure is possible. Register trademark online significantly reduces the time of the application.

Approximate terms of TM registration:

  • The fastest way to get a registered trademark is in the EU, UK and UAE (4-6 months).
  • In the US and Canada, bureaucratic procedures will take 9 months.
  • In other CIS countries, you should expect at least 10 months before receiving the result.

Before contacting the responsible authority, our employees prepare documentation and check the trademark for similarity and identity in accordance with the selected classes of the Nice Classification. This also takes some time, but is done in the shortest possible time (about 5 business days) for trademarks online. We do not position servicesas “applying in 1 day”. However, we are working on the fastest, most realistic and expected positive result for the client.

Trade mark certificate 

Ownership of TM is confirmed by a certificate. It is issued by the patent office of the country of registration of the mark as a result of a positive decision of the examination, bringing a lot of commercial and reputational benefits to its owner. This is an official title of protection that is recognized by the court and other authorities.

A trademark certificate confirms the owner’s exclusive rights, and is issued by the patent office. It allows you to:

  • Prohibit the use of TM by outsiders.
  • Grant an exclusive or non-exclusive right to use and receive royalties.
  • Register an appropriate domain name.
  • Increase brand awareness and improve its reputation.
  • Include a registered trademark as an object in the authorized capital of a legal entity.
  • Use TM as collateral when applying for a business loan (relevant for EU countries, Great Britain, etc.).

Registered TM is the first step towards the legalization of goods and/or services in a particular market segment in a particular country. We will help you register a trademark for an individual, company or group of companies. The choice of whom to register for depends on many factors. They should be discussed with the company’s patent attorney before starting the preparation of documents.

Trademark registration requirements

Trademark registration is carried out in the classes of the International Classifier of Goods and Services (ICGS), which is supplemented and updated annually. It implies 45 classes, of which the first 34 are allocated to goods and the last 11 to services. A trademark being registered must not bear any resemblance to others in its category. Identity is the main cause of failures.

Other mark rules that the recodered object must comply with:

  • Be individual and original;
  • have no other owners;
  • do not mislead;
  • not contain elements of government symbols and titles of international organizations;
  • simple, easy to sound and pronounce, without persistent bad associations at home and abroad;
  • correspond to the specifics of usage (be adequate).

Verbal, pictorial, combined, sound other designations may register a trademark.

The design logo can look different. Common types of designations:

  • Verbal. It involves the formed business name, nomination in the form of a word or numerical-letter designation. The possibility of symbols belonging to different alphabets, as well as numbers are Roman or Arabic. Ideal for protecting your domain.
  • Pictorial (picture, drawing, symbol, graphic trademark). It is allowed to do it in color or black and white.
  • Other options. The recorded symbols are possible three-dimensional, three-dimensional, multimedia, holographic, sound, etc.
  • Combined. It is allowed to combine words, images, and other designations in the official logo of the items.

You cannot use common words on your own and mislead with epithets (“best”, “most delicious”). It is not allowed to make the symbolism similar to registered brands, so as not to be accused of plagiarism.
Our patent attorneys conduct a market research, comparing the alleged sign with similar ones. And they do everything so that the company brand and logo are not associated with existing products, and do not become a reason for litigation in the future.

Free consultation

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    Trademark registration procedure

    For our employees, this task is a common, well-developed and many times passed business. It is executed according to a specific algorithm. Thanks to the experience and practice, each SION’s lawyers successfully goes through all the stages of sign filing.

    To registry logo as a trademark, we:

    • We are checking trademark. We study the databases of formed logos, business for a specific country of registration of the future TM. This identifies similarities, determines the risks of failure, and avoids them at the initial stage.
    • We prepare the documentation, apply for a mark to patent office.
    • Mark legalization fee is payable.
    • A document “On establishing the date of filing the application” is issued, it is also the priority of the application, from that day the TM rights operate.
    • The application is examining by the patent office.
    •  In case of refusal, we send arguments with objections.
    •  After a positive answer, we pay duties (if required by the process) for some countries.

    The client is issued a mark certificate.

    Trademark cost

    The total trademark registration cost involves two components: payment for our work and state fees. SION’s specialists search for identities, prepare documentation, and submit it. And then they accompany the application until the receipt of the title of protection. This component cost will be calculated at the time of treatment, after the calculation it will not change.

    An obligatory and integral price component is the payment of fees for trademark registration. Each country has its own official fees for trademark registration, so the calculation of the cost is carried out individually.

    The final price depends on the type of the declared logo, the country of submission, the number of registration classes, the number of applicants, and the deadlines. Online filling TM electronically is cheaper in most countries than paper filing.

    Renewal of trademark registration

    If you register a company name, name, etc., you can get the exclusive right to use it for 10 years. The term is relevant for most states. Further, the certificate of protection can be renewed every 10 years. Company attorneys provide a service to extend the validity of a trademark in any country in the world.

    You can apply to the relevant department for an extension an unlimited number of times. Of course, again you have to pay state duties. It is important not to miss the renewal of trademark rights. SION’s patent attorneys will take over the task of processing the renewal of the rights to the mark, regardless of where and by whom the applicant’s documents were originally issued.

    Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications registration

    It is prestigious to geographical indication of the items:

    •  In the understanding of consumers, this or that thing will forever be associated with a locality or region;
    •  No one else is able to use the same nomination for a similar object.

    Vivid examples are the “EVIAN” (spring water), “AIR FRANCE” (transport area) others. 

    Appellation of origin registration (appellation of origin) is possible in Ukraine and other countries. The name of the place can be actual or historical, official or colloquial. The uniqueness of the appellation of origin is determined by a combination of natural, climatic factors of a particular area and the human contribution to the creation of the final product.

    We help you register a geographical name in our country and in another country of your choice. We will do everything so that Ukrainian products are recognized, and the experience of our manufacturers is appreciated in the world.

    TM registration accelerated procedure

    In post-pandemic times, the accelerated procedure for registering trademarks has become relevant for most countries. Sometimes it is not practical to wait a year or two for a government agency to validate an intellectual property right.

    You can register a TM using an accelerated procedure. Yes, you will have to pay a large amount of fees. But when it comes to entering the international market or other circumstances, the costs may not be commensurate with the profits.

    SION specialists will assist in expedited obtaining trademark certificates. In addition, our specialists help:

    • choose the most appropriate classes of the Nice Classification;
    • make sure that the trademark, brand or logo is unique;
    • prepare a package of documents;
    • go through bureaucratic procedures and register a brand in Ukraine, Russia, EU, CIS countries, Great Britain, Canada, Qatar, UAE, China and many other countries.

    The correct way to receive a trademark is protection from its illegal use by competitors. SION Patent Office supports legalizing your intellectual property. The experience of our attorneys is always on the guard of client interests! To calculate the price of formalizing your trademark, please fill out the Brief and email us:

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