How to create an NFT on OpenSea?

How to create NFT on OpenSea

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a new trend in the field of cryptocurrencies. Recently, this market has grown several times and continues to grow without slowing down. What does the NFT market segment look like in general? 

For the most part, it relies on various art objects, item sets, game pieces from the Metaverses, and other tangible assets such as music tracks, buildings, and anything that can be associated with digital tokens and thereby prove ownership of this digital asset. Today, the most trendy type of NFT is various NFT collections. 

The first such project started back in 2017, and since then the popularity has grown. Serious players in the crypto market have already become or are preparing to become part of this trend.

Under what objects can NFT tokens be issued?

Non-fungible is a thing (object) that is unique due to its characteristics and cannot be formally replaced by exactly the same. A token is a designation of an entity in systems running on the Blockchain, and is generated for a specific unique thing. Non-fungible tokens have gained wide popularity. This is the basis for the emergence of tools for profitable investments, the opportunity to earn money, develop projects and ideas. NFT is a digital certificate of a unique item.   

Non-fungible token is generated for a specific unique object using an appropriate smart contract and is fixed in the Ethereum (Token: ETH) and Polygon (Token: MATIC) Blockchains. For example, this is a music track, a work of art, a football card, videos, gifs, photos – in a word, any work that claims to be unique. 

How to create an NFT on OpenSea?

The list of possible tokens also includes domain names. They are often registered for proper names and unique crypto wallet names. Using the NFT domain, the user will be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies and tokens, which are supported by the Blockchain. Compared to a standard wallet address consisting of a random alphanumeric set, the NFT domain has a user-friendly address.

Creating an account and releasing an NFT collection

When creating an account on OpenSea, you need to pay a registration fee. This is the so-called account initialization before being placed on Ethereum. You can get into your account through your wallet and run NFT for a fee or for free. By creating an NFT on Polygon, you do not need to pay additional gas fees, unlike Ethereum. However, Polygon is less popular than Ethereum. The collection may include thousands of art objects, music, photographs, luxury goods, etc. with one storyline. 

The specialists of our company provide services for the release of NFT collections, taking into account all requirements. To do this, you need to leave a request for an order. We have developed unique smart contracts that confirm copyright ownership of a digital asset. In addition, thanks to our smarts, you can subsequently identify and remove pirated NFTs.

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    What is Web3?

    Start selling an NFT collection on OpenSea (one of the platforms for sale) without advertising. Of course, new technologies dictate new marketing solutions. So, for these purposes, Web-marketing technologies are used.

    Web3 is the concept of an updated, already third generation of the World Wide Web, which operates in a decentralized manner on the blockchain and token economy. It is opposed to the Web2 Internet, which operates on the basis of centralized platforms designed for communication between users. Such as: Discord, Twitter, etc

    This is the very near future: the Metaverse, Blockchains and tokens. A new degree of interaction: when the avatar in social networks becomes digital, and through it there is communication with other profiles; users share their content, consume someone else’s, but in a different format. The evolution of the Internet means that it is turning into a database. 

    How to create NFT on OpenSea

    What role does NFT play in Web3?

    The Metaverse is a three-dimensional space in Web3 That unites all virtual spaces. The files are collected in one place. And here you can act in the familiar world: work, shop, walk, and so on.

    NFTs are used in the Universe for the acquisition and sale of objects in various fields: from games to real estate. They confirm the ownership of things: objects, photos, music, paintings, etc. With the help of NFT, property is registered, and it is possible to increase the income that a business brings by issuing tokens for services: the right to view, purchase land.

    The Universe and NFT are the future, the transition to the virtual world will happen soon, and it is better to be prepared for this. And our company has long understood this still new topic, uses technology and can help at all stages of creating an NFT collection, a game, a Metaverse for a specific business.

    NFT marketing (web3 marketing)

    For the most part, launching tokens is like starting a business idea. To ensure successful marketing, there are a few important rules to keep in mind:

    1. Understand the financial side: what makes an NFT collection rise and fall in price, etc.
    2. Tell your target audience about what NFT is, and how to integrate it. NFTs are relatively new and not everyone uses them for business. But for marketers, this is a new method of connecting with their community. Tokens enable entrepreneurs to form a community with their target audience.
    3. Develop a long-term strategy. If a token is created from scratch, then it should be approached as creating a brand that will work for a long time. If the NFT is tied to an already promoted brand, you need to understand how the collection will benefit it.

    Employees of our company will help at all stages of the release of the NFT collection.

    What is needed to create an NFT on the marketplace?

    Digital assets for purchase and sale on the OpenSea platform are absolutely unlimited.

    1. Crypto Wallet. The site gives you a choice of different wallet options, but MetaMask is considered the most famous. Plus – the function of its installation on all known browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. If you follow the instructions, then after installation, an ETH wallet is created. It is important to remember the secret word, which will make it possible to restore access if the password has been lost.
    2. Profile. There is a “Create” button on the site’s home page, which makes it possible to register and connect your wallet to OpenSea. The trading platform for the formation and sale of tokens interacts with other wallets. It is recommended to give as soon as possible all the links on social networks and arrange your newly created profile, as well as the collection itself that you are going to make. In this matter, it is best to contact the experts. Our company is ready to help in the creation and release of the NFT collection.
    How to create an NFT on OpenSea?

    How to create an NFT on OpenSea?

    The OpenSea platform interacts with different formats, all of which are mostly known. The most commonly used are SVG, PNG, GIF, GLTF and GLB for 3D objects. Next, you should create a token – upload a file of the mentioned formats. It should not be more than 100 mb. Here you will need:

    • choose the name of the file for tokenization;
    • enter links to your website, account in networks and other resources where users can follow the token;
    • then you need to supplement the token with a description – the marketplace does not limit symbols, you can briefly or thoroughly describe the NFT using web syntax;
    • the field called “Collection” is still empty, because this is the creation of only one token so far;
    •  in the “Blockchain” category, you need to choose Ethereum or Polygon – as a rule, users use the first option, but if you don’t want to pay commissions for gas (this is how the unit of ether is called), then the second option is preferable;
    • Next, you need to click on the “Create” NFT button.

    How to sell NFTs on OpenSea?

    OpenSea‘s “marketplace” allows you to sell your token without having to leave a mark on the blockchain. If you want to quickly register the created NFT in the blockchain, you will need a certain amount to pay a fee.

    1. Sale. Immediately after the formation of the NFT, you can see the “Sell” button. You need to click on it and go to the sales setup. If you choose the Polygon blockchain, you just need to specify the cost and sign the transaction using the previously made wallet. If you prefer Ethereum, then you can set a certain fixed price or choose an auction. It is important to indicate the time that will be sold. In additional settings, you can mark a specific buyer and reserve a token for him.
    2. After creating the collection, you need to complement the asset so that it becomes valuable to potential buyers. In particular, we are talking about:
      • an essay-history that you can tell users about why you created the collection;
      • concept: why buyers will want to work with your NFT;
      • a business plan to increase customer investment;
      • the general development of the Metaverse, the creation of game worlds.

    If there are plans to create an NFT collection for sale, then marketing costs must be taken into account. We can teach the client how to promote their own NFT collection on their own, or we can take care of all the hassle associated with this issue, with a clearly agreed advertising budget.

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      How much does it cost to build an NFT on OpenSea?

      The OpenSea platform requires each creator to make a payment before making their first sale. These fees are not final and can be reduced slightly. First of all, all fees are paid in Ether. Both of these fees are transactions on the Ethereum block list. To restore the energy that is used to process transactions, you need to pay a gas fee. The first fee varies from $70 to $300, and the second fee ranges from $10 to $30. This variability is explained by the payment for gas. There are times when fees are higher and times when fees are lower. In addition to one-time commission fees, the platform takes 2.5% of sales. The user pays this amount to the marketplace when the asset has already been sold. By the way, you can save on commissions if you contact our company.

      Don’t know where to start and how to start creating and selling NFT collections on the OpenSea platform? Have legal questions? Our team of Blockchain lawyers, IT-specialists, designers and marketers will help you with this. One of the activities of our company is the creation and release of a profitable NFT collection. We will help you go through all the stages or completely take care of all the troubles from the development of the concept of the NFT collection to its full release, advertising and sales. We provide a range of legal services for Blockchain projects and NFT.

      To discuss the cost of maintaining and creating the release of NFT collections, project details, write to us at

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