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    Yuriy Marinichev

    partner, IP & tax attorney, blockchain lawyer

    is a practicing attorney (certificate No. 001536 dated 09/26/2018), Yuriy Marinichev has extensive judicial practice on intellectual property protection, credit, banking, tax disputes, represents the interests of the parties in criminal proceedings for economic crimes, as well as in pre-trial resolution of disputes    (professional mediator).

    In addition to litigation, Yuriy’s specialization is focused on corporate, investment, commercial issues of IT, technology and other companies, blockchain (DLT) projects, organization of venture funds and private equity funds, companies from the alternative finance sector, DeFi organizations. 

    Yuriy Marinichev advises top management and boards of directors on business structuring, investment transactions, business mergers and acquisitions, registration and execution of intellectual property transactions, various international transactions, taxation, long-term and short-term financial planning. Provides legal support for the blockchain business and virtual assets, is engaged in structuring the issuance and sale of tokens, obtaining DLT (blockchain) licenses and other permits, writing and agreeing on token sale documentation, etc. 



    Writing and approval of token sale documentation. Preparation of contracts for the sale of tokens. 

    Obtaining a DLT (blockchain) license, other regulatory approvals, as well as structuring the issuance and sale of tokens for a blockchain company in Switzerland.

    Structuring a direct investment in a British FinTech company. 

    Advising the top management of the pharmaceutical business on business structuring, taxation, registration of intellectual property. 

    Legal due diligence of a pharmaceutical company before concluding a deal with an investor. 

    The pharmaceutical company, whose interests were represented by Yuriy Marinichev, received a lawsuit to invalidate the patent for the invention. Yuriy’s strategy made it possible to ensure the collection of the necessary evidence base, to accompany the implementation of relevant studies, which subsequently brought victory to the client in the first instance and the appellate instance of the Economic Court of Kyiv. Given the high resonance of this case, we do not disclose all the details, at the same time we inform you that the client has increased the production of one of the most popular pharmaceuticals on the market, protected by this patent for an invention and, as a result, its profit has increased.

    The client’s activity is focused on the production of confectionery products. The client sells its products on the territory of the EU countries and Ukraine. Given the high competition in this industry, Yuriy proposed to register as an object of intellectual property rights (industrial design) the appearance of the most popular confectionery product under the Hague procedure in Ukraine and EU countries. The received international certificate was placed in the customs registers of Ukraine and other EU countries, which ensures the suspension of customs clearance of exported goods violating the rights of our client with similar confectionery products. After the implementation of this scheme, the client receives royalties from each exported product, which may infringe its intellectual property rights and allows export only if royalties are received. The result of our work is to increase the client’s profit and expand his trading opportunities. 

    In agreement with the client, Yuriy entered an industrial design registered under the Hague procedure, which protects the appearance of cookies, into the customs register of Ukraine. Soon, the customs clearance of the violator’s cookies was stopped because there were signs of counterfeiting. The violators refused to pay royalties. Yuriy initiated legal proceedings, as well as an examination of the similarity of the registered industrial design with the appearance of the goods – cookies, which were transferred for customs clearance. The result of these lengthy court hearings is the decision to determine the goods – cookies as counterfeit, to destroy them, as well as to prohibit the offender from the possibility of producing and selling these cookies.


    Master of Laws, National Law Academy by the Yaroslav Mudrii name (2005)

    Civil & Commercial Mediator Course (2020)

    London School of Mediation


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