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Trademark registration Ukraine

Own brands for goods and services must be officially legalized in order to protect the exclusive rights to them. That is, do not give competitors a chance to benefit from other people’s labor. Other reasons for obtaining a trademark in Ukraine are desire to participate in competitions and tenders, to enter the international market. This step may become  first on the way to promoting its products and services in other countries.

SION patent law firm specializes in the preparation of such documents. We help:

  • Prepare an application to Ukranian patent office;
  • Minimize the possibility of failure;
  • First check the name of the TM, the image of the logo for uniqueness;
  • Speed ​​up the registration process.

The firm’s patent attorneys work with domestic and foreign applicants. We have been specializing in interaction with Ukrpatent for many years, we know Ukrainian legislation very well, and have worked out bureaucratic procedures. We act in the interests of our clients at every step.

Trademark registration Ukraine
Trademark registration Ukraine

Search for a brand in Ukraine

Before registering a TM, it must be checked against a special Ukraine trademark database. The latter, with the filing of the Ukrainian Patent Office, is available to everyone. It contains 300 thousand records of trademarks in Ukraine.

Our patent law firm has access to information on applications that have not yet been registered, but are at the stage of establishing the filing date and formal examination. Their consideration by Ukraine trademark office – Ukrpatent takes from 8-22 months. Searching for such applications is important so that at time of the examination of your documents, something similar is not found.

Before using a trademark, it is important not only to officially obtain it, but also to verify it. This minimises the risks of being denied registration due to similarities. If you have several preliminary variants of the name, it will be possible to discard the unpromising ones, not to waste energy on their elaboration. We will carefully check everything for appropriate classes, take into account any possible spellings or images.

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    Trademark registration procedure in Ukraine

    Trademark registration Ukraine

    The preparatory stage of the filing procedure is as follows:

    • We conclude an agreement between SION and the applicant for provision of patent legal services.
    • We check the sign, logo, name on the basis of similarity.
    • We accept a power of attorney to represent interests.
    • We select and agree with the client classes according to ICGS ( Nice Classification).
    • We prepare, draw up, and send an application for filing consideration to the patent office.

    Further, the forming takes place in Ukrpatent:

    We pay the application official fee.

    • The organization issues a decision on assignment of the number and the establishment of the filing date of the application. This is called a “priority document”, from the date of which the rights are already valid and you can use the mark, logo or brand.
    •  A “formal examination” is carried out, a decision is made on compliance of the submitted materials with the requirements of the legislation.
    • After a positive result of the formal examination, the qualification stage begins. Then its passage, a decision is made on registration of the mark or a preliminary refusal to register, which can be appealed.
    • We pay the fee for the publication of a filled TM, the fee for the issuance of a title of protection.
    • Registration itself: Ukrpatent enters data on the newly obtained TM into the State Register, prints information in the official publication.
    • A title of protection is issued – trademark certificate.

    All this time, SION’s trademark attorney Ukraine are in correspondence with the responsible body, provide support. Sometimes it takes 24 months or more to process in Ukraine. If necessary, we help you accelerate by using the possibilities of the international Madrid agreement.

    The cost of registering Ukraine trademark

    The pay of the process depends on many factors. It is influenced by:

    • The need to search in the register of recodered TM and those that are undergoing examination.
    • The number of classes Nice Classification, in which the product or service falls.
    • Number of applicants as future owners.
    • Timing of examination (normal, fast track with the help of the Madrid Agreement, etc.).
    • In what form are the documents submitted (electronic submission involves a discount).
    • Type of the filing trade mark.
    • State fees and duties (search for identities by Ukrpatent, filing an application, issuing a certificate, publishing registration data).

    The registration price includes the SION’s patent attorney’s fee for the preparation of documents and support. For each specific case, the cost is different, because there are no identical cases.

    Further, the table shows the approximate price of trademark registration Ukraine:

    We make a full calculation before starting cooperation and provide it to the client. The firm’s specialists help you to obtain a title of protection, which, based on law, will protect your brand from infringement.

    To calculate the cost of registering your trademark in Ukraine, please write to us by mail: info@sion-ip.com

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