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UK trademark registration

There are two ways to register a trademark in the UK: 

  • Applying TM directly to the IPO UK  
  • Obtaining protection through the Madrid System


  • UK Trademark certificate is valid for all United Kingdom territories (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and from 01 January 2021 also in Gibraltar.
  • The United Kingdom trademark office (UK patent office) is working at record speed. You can get a TM certificate within 4-5 months (depending on whether there are any objections).
United Kingdom trademark

To avoid the risk of not obtaining a trademark certificate, we recommend that you checking on whether trademark is registered in UK. 

We offer our customers two options for conducting a TM search: 

  •  free – quick search 
  •  paid – with a detailed report on the possibility of brand registration. Also in this option we include recommendations for changing the sign so that it receives protection. 

The cost of a TM search UK databases is 45 GBP in one class of the Nice Classification and 25 GBP in each subsequent class. 

UK trademark registration process 

TM registration is carried out in a specific segment or type of business activity. These directions are registered in 45 classes of the Nice Classification. 

The trademark attorney selects the most suitable for the client’s business activities and describes them in the application. After agreement, the TM application is submitted to the patent office of the UK. The filing fee is paid and the procedure for considering the application for a trademark by IPO experts begins. 

This examination is carried out on formal grounds. The correctness of the description of the classes is checked, and so on. Its term is up to 14 days, in case of requests, about a month. After the completion of the formal examination, information about TM is published in the official gazettes of TM UK and a 2-month period of opposition begins. At the end, within 14 days, the IPO issued UK trademark certificate. 

UK trademark registration cost 

Our company deals directly with the UK IPO. We apply for a trademark, respond to examination requests, and receive a Britain TM certificate. In case of receiving an opposition letter, the preparation of a reasoned objection is paid separately. 

The cost of legalizing a trademark United Kingdom consists of an official fee of 170 GBP for filing and processing an application in one class and 50 GBP for each subsequent class. And trademark attorney’s fee this is 150 GBP for the registration in one class.

To find out the cost of registering a trademark in the UK, please select the classes you need from the list, provide your contact details, and we will send a commercial offer to your email.

Select a country or countries from the list.

Enter your name, email in the form below and send us, in a couple of hours you will find out the cost of UK trademark registration.

    The UK has left the EU but is a member of the Madrid System. To expand the geography of protection of rights to British TM abroad, you can submit an international application for a logo. Such an application may be submitted together with the national application or afterwards. 

    The UK has left thell help you expand the geography of your British trademark protection to other countries. 

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