UAE trademark registration

The Emirates is one of the most advanced corners of the world, procedures in it are carried out quickly and accurately. You can get a legal logo in a maximum of 3 months. Before starting the registration procedure, we conduct the UAE trademark search. And then in the UAE they believe that it takes a long time.

UAE trademark registration
UAE trademark registration

Features of patent office in the Emirates:

  • Documentation is submitted simultaneously in Arabic and English.
  • If they find similarities, they will refuse: they are not as loyal to them here as in the EU. Therefore, they must be carefully searched for in local databases.
  • Payment of duties cannot be delayed, otherwise they can be fined.
  • The registration certificate is issued in electronic form, it is not printed on paper.
  • Emirates is a Muslim state. It is prohibited to formation badges related to alcohol, drinking clubs, pork and nightlife here.

An important feature of the Trademark Law in the UAE is that you can obtain in it only by a national application.Emirates is not a party to the Madrid Agreement, so brands registered here can be formatted in other countries by filing separate applies.Our attorney representative in the UAE submit  documents to the local patent authority directly, without intermediaries. Legalisation (taking into account official fees and remuneration for the SION’s services) cost from 3500 USD. Official fee for expertise of the one class is 2000 USD.To find out the UAE trademark registration cost, please fill out the Brief and send us an email:

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