Trademark registration in Switzerland

The word “Swiss” sounds like “prestigious”. Being a brand registered in Switzerland is good for your business reputation. We recommend conducting the Swiss trademark search before starting the registration process. Important features for those who plan to legalize here:

Trademark registration in Switzerland
Trademark registration in Switzerland
  • The applicant must have a real production or obtain a legal entity in Switzerland.
  • Here they strictly refer to the mention of the region in the name. It is allowed if goods and services are associated with a place, originating from it.
  • In case of refusal to record, they explain the reasons, they can be appealed in court.
  • A formatted TM can be canceled if it has not been used for 5 years.

Swiss mark law allows for types of marks. For example, positional and moving. They can be legalized under the local procedure, and then under the international system to extend protection to other countries. National legislation would be useful in many other cases. This is done by our employees who know all the features of the procedure in Switzerland. Examination of applications for trademarks is carried out in Swiss trademark office.

SION’s interact with the Swiss IP office directly, without intermediaries. For filing an apply, a fee of 550 CHF (Swiss francs) is paid, for an extension for 10 years – 700 CHF, plus our fee. To find out the cost of trademark registration in the Switzerland, please, sent us an email:

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