Russian trademark registration

If you plan to supply goods or services to the territory of the Russian Federation, it is worth registering a trademark according to the laws of this country. Russian trademark registration helps protect the owner’s rights in the event of a dispute. After all, it is very unpleasant when third parties begin to offer products under the TM, which are already familiar to consumers. This can damage the reputation and lower the income of the current brand owner.

The Russian market is one of the largest and most demanded. There is a very active demand for TM design. A third of requests come from non-residents, and the bureaucratic subtleties are similar to Ukrainian ones. SION patent law firm helps to register a brand in Russia. We cooperate with attorneys who will directly submit an application to Rospatent, the Russian service for intellectual property, as well as defend the applicant’s right in the event of a preliminary refusal of registration or, if necessary, in court and the Federal Antimonopoly Committee.

Russian trademark registration
Russian trademark registration

Benefits of working with us:

  • We have been dealing with registration of rights for more than 10 years, since 2011.
  • We know and use the intricacies of Russian legislation, which relates to ownership.
  • We carry out the process from preparation to obtaining a certificate, and ready to defend the client’s rights if necessary.
  • We calculate the cost before starting work.

When registering a trademark (RF), applicants very often receive rejections, in almost 20% of cases. This happens due to non-compliance with formalities or the similarity of a new brand to an already registered one. Therefore, it is important to check the name and logo for the absence of identities and similarities. This must be done before submitting an application in order not to receive a rejection.

The search is done according to the Russian trademark database. It is called the FIPS information retrieval system. The similarity of names, drawing of icons in the declared segment of goods and/or services is checked. It is important that there is no overlap in the ICGS classes in which the applicant will be registered.

SION’s attorneys search the available database, which contains over a million records. They will check all variants of spelling and images, excluding similarities and identities. It is highly desirable to conduct such research before submitting registration documents, therefore we recommend it to our clients.

It helps you make sure that the icon, name or logo does not violate anyone’s rights. It will also reduce the risks of abandoning the intellectual property authority. Professional inspection saves time and hassle for our clients, increasing the success of the examination.

Application submission to Russian trademark office – Rospatent

Only business entities, residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation can apply to the national patent office. Non-residents must use the services of a patent attorney. The representative of our company is the Russian Federation patent attorney. It is he who will deal with the procedure for registering a trademark in the Russian Federation.

Russian trademark registration

The task of registration is to obtain a title of protection, which is called a certificate. This happens according to the following scenario:

You are preparing a brand designation.

  • Contact us, we conclude an agreement on representation services.
  • We select suitable classes according to MKTU, check the concept against the FIPS base.
  • We prepare documents, submit an application, pay the state fee for filing.
  • Rospatent sets the filing date, assigns a number to the appeal. From this date, the rights to the brand will already be protected, it sets the priority of the application.
  • Examinations are being carried out. During the formal, the documents are checked for compliance with the established rules, and the examination is essentially looking for similarities.
  • We monitor the status of the application, if necessary, we respond to requests or objections.
  • After a positive decision, we pay fees (registration fees for publication and for the issuance of a certificate).
  • A decision is made to issue the document.
  • The appeal can be submitted by mail, electronically, or in other ways. The electronic version allows you to officially save up to 30% of the amount of fees.

Russian trademark registration term

The process is quite laborious and bureaucratic. It takes 12-15 months for registration according to the national procedure. 

Of them:

  • We check the badge or name in the databases, and prepare the documentation – as soon as possible.
  • Formal check – about 1 month.
  • Expertise on the merits – up to 12 months.
  • An expedited procedure is possible, which will take only a month, but you will have to pay extra for it.

It is important to respond to inquiries on time, submit missing information to the responsible authority and pay fees. Otherwise, the time frame may be delayed. Our attorneys will try to carry out the procedure in the minimum amount of time, without delays. The received title of protection will be valid for 10 years. It can be extended for the same period.

The Russian Federation is a party to the international Madrid Agreement. Having issued here on a national application, you can expand the certificate of ownership to other jurisdictions. And vice versa: by registering in another state, you can apply for expansion in the Russian Federation. These points can affect the length of registration procedures.

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    Russian trademark registration cost

    The price of the entire process consists of two components: official state fees and the fees of our attorneys. The amounts of fees and the actions for which they are paid are shown in the table.

    Registration fees for TM (Rospatent, from 17.07.2021)

    ActionPrice, USD.
    Submission of an appeal, formal examination45

    +15 for each class above 5
    Substantive examination, decision making150

    +45  for each class above 5
    Registration of a mark, issuance of an electronic certificatefrom 205

    +15 for each class above 5
    Issuance of a paper version27
    Totalfrom 400

    There are also fees for correcting documentation, extending deadlines for submitting documents, etc. The final cost and amount of our service fee will depend on the individual case. We make a calculation of registration costs and present to the client before the start of cooperation.

    A formalized trademark offers many possibilities. The rights to it can be sold and transferred for a fee, prohibit its use and demand compensation for illegal use.

    SION’s Russian trademark attorney helps you to issue a name, logo or other identity according to the national procedure. We do not involve intermediaries in our work, so clients do not overpay.

    For a detailed calculation of the cost of the process in the Russian Federation, please fill out the Brief and send us:

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