Trademark registration Qatar

Qatar is a promising state for business development. It leads the world in terms of GDP per capita and has huge reserves of gas and oil. Over the past 16 years, Qatar has greatly simplified the laws for foreign companies to enter the market. Foreigners appreciate the stable political and financial situation, tax benefits of this jurisdiction.

Trademark registration Qatar
Trademark registration Qatar

Important points:

  • The applicant does not need a local legalisation. But confirmation is required that he is engaged in commercial activities.
  • In the UAE, TMs associated with alcoholic and low-alcoholic beverages, pork are not subject to protection. And some other things, taking into account the fact that Qatar is a Muslim state.
  • The legalization process takes 12-27 months, but protection begins from the day the documents are received.

The peculiarity of the logo formation process in Qatar is that it does not participate in the Madrid System. That is, obtaining according to the partrial procedure will not provide an opportunity to expand protection rights to other jurisdictions. In other countries, separate procedures can be required. But in Qatar, they still open a business for the sake of obtaining investment and access to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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