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EU trademark registration

Business expansion are the EU countries is impossible without EU trademark registration. A single EU trademark application for all 27 EU member states helps protect your brand. Protection benefits for European Union Trademark (EUTM countries):

CroatiaCyprusCzech Republic

EU trademarks registration search

Before submitting an application, we recommend that you conduct a trademark check. Trademark search EU will show us which brands are similar or identical to yours in the same classes in which you plan to register. The trademark search European Union is carried out on the EU trademark database. Based on the search report, it is possible to change the TM and prevent the risks of not obtaining a certificate.

Registration will allow you to receive the European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) – a single trademark of the European Union. It makes sense if the applicant’s activity will take place in the EU.

On the other hand, a registering trademark in Europe may be rejected if at least one of the 27 countries refuses. Non-residents cannot register themselves; European attorneys will do it for them. Another feature is that any person can appeal against a registered mark within 3 months after the publication of information about it. The Patent Law Firm SION has attorneys who will help you register under European Union rules.

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    EU trademark registration process

    The process will take about 4-5 months if the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has no objection. The term is counted from the moment of EU trademark application (registration of a “priority application”). It does not take into account the preparation of documents, but we strive to prepare them promptly. EU trademark office conduct online trademark registration.

    From this period, 1 month is spent on examinations – checking the paperwork, applications for similarities. If all is well, information about the new TM is printed in the official bulletin in 23 languages. After that, 3 months are given to receive objections from third parties.

    Any stage can be associated with delays and difficulties:

    • Verification of documents. They can find design errors, lack of necessary papers. Alteration or re-delivery will take time.
    • Checking the trademark for similarity and identity. If they are found, then a refusal will not necessarily follow, but additional actions may follow.
    • After the publication of the TM, the owner of an existing brand with a similar name or logo can challenge it.

    We will try to register a TM in the EU so as to avoid these difficulties and delays. To formalize in Europe much faster than in Ukraine – the main thing is to comply with formalities, legal requirements and carefully look for similarities before applying.

    EU trademark registration cost 

    The single registration fee is 850 EUR for the 1st class, +50 EUR for the additional 2nd class, +150 EUR for the 3rd and each subsequent class. Clearance fees may sometimes include other official fees. The fee of our company will depend on the amount of documentation being processed. We will calculate the costs before the start of cooperation and provide the client with a commercial offer.

    EU trademark

    We also:

    • define for TM the current classes according to the ICGS;
    • conduct a search for similarities in the databases of each country;
    • submit documents and pay duties;
    • answer the requests of the registration authority;
    • bring the registration process to a successful final;
    • submit an appeal to the responsible authority directly, clients do not need to overpay for the work of intermediaries.

    If the general application is rejected, you can convert it to multiple national ones while maintaining the priority date. Our company’s attorneys in the EU know how to do this. They will help to overcome obstacles and objections, if necessary, transform the message.

    More than 50 million potential consumers with good income live in the European Union. Therefore, many entrepreneurs want to enter this market with goods / services. We will represent the interests of non-residents, help you trademark registering in EU correctly and quickly in accordance with European standards.
    To calculate the cost of EU trademark registration service, please fill out the Brief and send it to us by mail: info@sion-ip.com

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