Czech Republic trademark registration

Starting a business in the Czech Republic, you first need to register a trademark. Legalization is carrying out in the Czech Industrial Property Office. This is the Czech Republic trademark office. Our patent attorneys will consult, select the necessary classes, check the TM, submit an application and accompany the procedure until the long-awaited certificate is received. 

Czech Republic trademark registration
Czech Republic trademark registration

Local features:

  • TM can be verbal, visual, sound, etc.
  • Individuals and legal entities can apply.
  • If the Mark is not used, the State will revoke the title of protection after 5 years.
  • The process TM registration in Czech Republic takes about 8 months, but an accelerated consideration of the application is possible for additional fee.
  • The trademark certificate is valid for 10 years with the right to renew every 10 years.

Before filing a trademark application to the TM office, in order to avoid the risk of refusal in registration, it is recommended to check for similarity and identity. This procedure takes from 1 to 5 business days and depends on the scope of the search. The service includes: 

  • selection of ICGS classes according to business activities;
  • checking the Czech trademarks database with previously registered or submitted for registration of TM; 
  • analysis of the received data;
  • conclusions about the possibility of a positive decision and obtaining a certificate

It is also possible to quickly check the logo without preparing a comparative report. This significantly reduces the cost of searching, but does not guarantee the possibility of obtaining a certificate. 

Trademark fee from the Czech Republic 

The cost is formed from the official fees of the Czech Republic trademark Office and the services of a patent attorney. So, for filing an application in the 3rd classes of the ICGS, you need to pay 5000 CZK. Please note that for filing an application in the 1st class of the ICGS, 5000 CZK is also paid. For each additional class over 3 plus 500 CZK. 

As for the services of a patent attorney, a simple search for similarity and identity will cost 30-50 EUR. With the preparation of a detailed report from 100 EUR. Preparation, submission of an application, support and obtaining a certificate from 400 EUR. Preparation of an objection in case of opposition is a separate service, its cost is from 300 EUR. 

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    Registration of international trademark Czech Republic

    Based on the national Czech trademark, it is possible to expand the geography of protection to other countries. So, the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union, which means that it is possible to apply for a trademark simultaneously to all EU countries. And obtaining European Union Trademark Community. Perhaps this will be a more attractive TM registration procedure for your business. 

    In addition, the Czech Republic is a member of the Madrid System. This means that if you want to expand your business to other countries, it is possible to submit a single application for all countries of the System based on the basic Czech.

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