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Tax optimization

For almost any company, it is possible to reduce tax liabilities by legal means. This procedure is called tax optimization. A higher financial result is achieved through the use of official tax benefits, exemptions and other mechanisms provided by law. That is, everything is done legally, and has nothing to do with tax evasion.

SION offers tax optimization services. We employ qualified lawyers, financiers, auditors, accountants. Each specialist has many years of experience behind him. SION employees will analyze the taxation schemes used, help eliminate errors, develop new payment schemes and assess optimization risks.

We work comprehensively, advise and help in practice, including paying taxes. We will select tax optimization methods that will avoid financial and legal risks. We will also ensure the transparency of operations so that the tax inspectorate does not have any questions or doubts.

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    Tax optimization tools

    You can reduce the costs of mandatory payments using the following tools:

    • Tax leverage. This includes benefits, deferrals, the ability to avoid double taxation, variations in the use of VAT.
    • Selection for the enterprise of a suitable organizational and legal form with a winning tax regime.
    • Change of taxation regime, which will allow to reduce deductions.
    • Choosing a jurisdiction for registering an enterprise.
    • Eliminate unnecessary assets that are not profitable but require taxes. For example, the refusal to maintain in an active state irrelevant industrial or intellectual property.
    • Change in accounting policies and work with profit. Let’s say, the accumulation of funds in low-tax areas.
    • These are not all tools. We usually use them in a complex manner, taking into account the scope of the customer’s company and other issues. You can choose the appropriate method after studying the documentation for the enterprise.

    Tax planning

    This is one of the methods for reducing the amount of taxes. To get the effect, an analyst of our company, who is well versed in tax law, as well as the management and accounting of the client, works together. A distinctive feature is that planning is aimed at the long term, and not at a one-time delay or savings.

    In the planning process, it is calculated how much taxes will need to be paid in general and for a specific transaction, depending on the chosen legal form of implementation. Ukrainian tax legislation provides for different tax regimes. The latter will depend on the status of the taxpayer, the results of his activities, place of registration, organizational form of the enterprise.

    In the planning process, we take into account not only the current legislation, but also the position of the supervisory authority on a particular issue. We monitor trends and possible changes in the tax system. We know how big financial losses can be in case of large transactions, so we strive not to make mistakes.

    Tax optimization of the company

    The overwhelming majority of world-renowned companies hire lawyers to take advantage of legislative loopholes. And, without breaking the laws, to reduce the burden of monetary contributions to the budget of the country of its registration. For example, Apple manages to pay 2% in taxes, not 35%, as required by US law.

    Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Starbucks, and many others do not refuse to optimize deductions.Ukrainian enterprises are also learning to minimize taxes while remaining loyal to the state. And we help them. SION employees are competent specialists in the field of Tax Due Diligence. They:

    • take into account the specifics of the company;
    • individually select tools for tax planning and minimization;
    • help newcomers to business and long-standing companies;
    • will not allow penalties;
    • If necessary, they will select a new jurisdiction for legal registration of the business and prescribe a tax strategy.
    • Our specialists will take the client out of the blow of financial deductions, create a reputation as a responsible taxpayer.
    Free consultation

    Leave a request and we will call you back within 10 minutes

      Tax optimization services cost

      It depends on several factors, such as:

      • the amount of documentation (constituent, accounting, other) to be studied;
      • the number and qualifications of the involved specialists;
      • list of assets of the client company;
      • assigned tasks.

      The cost is calculated strictly individually. Before starting cooperation, we will make a cost estimate and provide it to the client. We conclude a non-disclosure agreement. Further our specialists:

      • study and analyze the business;
      • define tasks, develop a strategy;
      • pick up the tools that are in the legal field;
      • create a profitable and safe work scheme for the client;
      • will advise in the innovation process.

      We give competent advice, informed advice on tax issues. We work 100% individually, we offer only legal solutions, we minimize the risk of penalties from the regulatory authorities. SION services pay off quickly and many times over due to tax savings.

      Every year the optimization of deductions to the budget becomes more and more important in Ukraine. Our employees, professional lawyers and financiers, will help resolve the issue with the legal minimization of payments. They select actionable models for doing business.

      If you are interested in legally reducing the tax burden, please write to us at info@sion-ip.com.

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