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Intellectual Property Courses

Intellectual property (IP) is one of the main business assets for modern companies. You can earn money on it, you need to protect it from illegal use. We will tell you how to do this in the course on the protection of intellectual property. It offers introductions for a real commercial implementation.

Within the framework of the program entitled “Business and Intellectual Property”, we will give a general understanding of how to increase business profits through effective strategies for protecting intellectual property in Ukraine and the world. We will also present the practical skills of protecting TM, patents, copyrights, including the online environment. But the main focus is on determining the real value of innovation and how successful it will be.

The course was developed by Natalia Ryazanova, SION managing Partner. The author is a practicing patent attorney, works with IP protection on a daily basis, on the basis of experience she defended her thesis. Natalia and her colleagues will tell you:

  • how patenting and copyright protection actually works;
  • how authors’ rights are violated (real cases);
  • what can really be done about it.
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    Who is the course for

    The program is designed for business owners who rely on the results of their own mental or creative work, want to build a commercially successful enterprise on them. Also suitable for lawyers who work in companies seeking to implement their own innovative practices, or need an effective IP protection strategy.

    We invite those who plan to:

    • To bring to life the results of mental work, creative and scientific research.
    • Improve business by introducing scientific and technical innovations.
    • Attract investors to your project.
    • Offer the market a competitive product or service.
    • To use scientific and technical, creative developments for commercial purposes, to get profit from them.
    • Get the skills to test innovations for success and profitability.

    Forms of education on the course on intellectual property

    Managers of enterprises and business projects cannot always find enough free time to regularly attend training sessions. Especially at the stage when the project is developing and you have to simultaneously solve a lot of problems. Therefore, we offer two training options:

    • remote in online format;
    • modular, when the lecture is given by the teacher in the classroom.

    Both options provide equivalent knowledge. They include communication with tutors, answers to questions, practical help with homework and writing the final work. Each listener gets unlimited access to online lecture notes, which can be used as needed.

    Distance online course

    Suitable for students who will not be able to attend face-to-face classes in Kiev or Kharkov. Online lectures are a great option in an environment of covid constraints. Materials can be studied in a comfortable rhythm, test tasks with verification by tutors (accompanying specialists) are assumed. Each student is assigned a personal tutor who can be contacted with questions.

    The requirement for correspondence students is the preparation of a thesis project, the developments from which can and should be implemented in practice. Those who have completed distance learning receive a British MBA diploma in the direction of Business and intellectual property.

    Modular course

    Held in Kiev and Kharkiv. The program involves several modules (days), between which breaks are made. Lectures in the hall are delivered by the course developer Natalia Ryazanova and other guest lecturers who specialize in IP protection and management.

    Students receive assignments to complete, and after completing all classes, they defend their diploma. Help with practical work can be requested from a tutor. Graduates receive a British Certificate of Continuing Education.

    Course program

    An important feature of the program is that it provides not just theory, but the introduction of IP concepts and practices into the business environment. Students will gain knowledge on how to:

    • evaluate the success of an innovation based on a set of criteria;
    • calculate the market value of the invention;
    • manage, safeguard and protect IP objects in the organization;
    • find a potentially successful innovation and its author;
    • form an intelligent portfolio.

    One of the main components of the program is the methodology of criteria for assessing the success of innovation. It will help determine which developments are really worth attention and will become commercially successful, and which ones are out of touch with reality. In addition, additional master classes are provided with business trainers – leaders of the innovation market in Ukraine and abroad.

    All students, regardless of the form of study, prepare their final work. The diploma project is created as a step-by-step instruction for the introduction of an innovative product into commercial circulation. The benefit is that it can be used in practice in a specific enterprise.

    The work is defended before a commission consisting of tutors. These are our teachers who work in the field of protection, protection and valuation of IP, as well as in the management of IP objects.

    Free consultation

    Leave a request and we will call you back within 10 minutes

      Cost of education

      The cost of completing the program can be found by sending a request to our e-mail info@sion-ip.com. The Business and Intellectual Property curriculum will pay off with real-world business opportunities.

      Use it yourself. Even if it becomes necessary to attract specialists to solve specific problems of intellectual property management, the owner of the company will understand what is happening.

      Our course is officially protected by copyright, and involves the issuance of a certificate or diploma of the British model. Experts with a large practical background will share their experience. Welcome!

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