Copyright registration in Ukraine

Any copyright in Ukraine is protected by law, regardless of its design. But it is necessary to register intellectual property. This will help protect yourself during disputes when attribution is necessary. If you intend to use your script, song, or created software for commercial purposes, the first step is to register authorship.

The latter applies to the results of creative or scientific activities. The concept of its registration implies all actions aimed at obtaining a title of protection – a state certificate. This paper indicates the true author and also informs third parties that the object is protected. It also allows you to sell a monopoly on a work or transfer it under a license.

Specialists of the Patent Law firm SION helps to carry out the state registration of your authorship to the object. We:

  • We have been working with intellectual property in our country and abroad since 2011;
  • We will save the efforts and time of the applicant;
  • We will do everything to avoid rejection;
  • Practice, not teach theory.

Ukrainian legislation protects works of art, literature and science. They can be completed or incomplete. The peculiarity of the country – intellectual property, protected by law, is entered in the national register.

Protected are:

  • Computer software for smartphones (protected as an object of literature);
  • Database;
  • Photographs, paintings, objects of fine art;
  • Literary composition;
  • Lectures, speeches, sermons;
  • Translations of texts;
  • Drawings, plans, diagrams, maps;
  • Music, songs with words;
  • Scripts, screenings on stage, etc.

Most often, in our country, property is registered for sites (content and design), programs and songs. Protective provisions are stipulated in the articles on copyright of the Ukrainian law No. 3792-XII of 23.12.1993. Only property rights can be transferred for use or sold, and non-property rights remain to the author or his heirs forever.

Our country has been a party to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works since 1995. It is a universal international treaty. By registering with us, you can count on copyright protection abroad: the convention is supported by 177 member states.

Free consultation

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    Registers a specialized department – the National Intellectual Property Authority. Submission can be made by the author himself, his successors or a trusted representative.

    SION’s specialists act as representatives of the client, submit an application for registration of intellectual property, and help to obtain a national certificate. The process usually takes 2-3 months.

    Algorithm of actions:

    • We communicate with the applicant, find out the essential points, sign a power of attorney for representation and a confidentiality agreement.
    • We accept a copy of the work to provide it to the responsible authority.
    • We draw up the documentation, submit it in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
    • We pay the state fee for filing an application.
    • The responsible department examines the documents.
    • In case of comments, we prepare and send objections.
    • In case of a positive decision, information about the issued certificate is printed in the official bulletin, entered into the state register.
    • The applicant receives an inventor’s certificate.

    Registration will be inexpensive, but it will bring maximum benefit. The main items of expenses for registration:

    • State fee for filing an application – UAH 280/530. for individuals / legal entities.
    • Remuneration to our company for the preparation of documents, support of the process.

    The specialists of SION help to protect the objects of your intellectual work. That is, to issue a certificate that will be valid in our country and abroad. We know how to avoid rejections, to carry out registration in a minimum period of time. Highly qualified attorneys and experience in specialized work ensure that the process will be efficient and fast.

    To calculate the cost of registration of authorship in Ukraine and abroad, please mail us:

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