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The author’s right arises from the creation of a work and is the original property of him. But if a violator of authorship suddenly appears, then the creator of the book, song or software will have to prove that he is the author. In this case, a copyright international registration is useful. Its result is a certificate that certifies authorship. The document can be beneficial as an official one in courts and other instances in different countries. Yes, you can submit the original of the creation to the court as proof, but this does not always help.

Intellectual property in each country is administered by the national patent office. At the same time, the international organization of intellectual property stands above all departments. She has been working in Switzerland since the end of the 19th century, she is trusted by the countries participating in the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. The exact name is the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Patent Law firm SION helps to formalize the right to the results of creative and scientific activities. This will save you from plagiarism and protect the commercial interests of the author. Our advantages:

  • Experience in this field since 2011.
  • Minimization of costs and timing of the applicant.
  • Knowledge and the intricacies of contacting specialized departments in the European Union, CIS, USA, Great Britain, China and other countries.

Legalizing a work means confirming the date, number and unique content. According to the Berne Treaty, you can register in one member state (there are 177 of them today), and get the same amount of rights in others. Given the fact that some jurisdictions provide for compensation of rights for the illegal use of objects of authorship, an essential condition for this is the presence of evidence of the country where the rights are violated (for example, the USA). Therefore, registration is required on a territorial basis as well.

Features of such registration:

  • The minimum term of protection is the author’s entire life plus another 50 years, sometimes 70 years.
  • Even if the country cannot officially register authorship in the national registry, legal protection still works.
  • It extends to the fields of art, literature and science.
  • The title of protection allows you to work in the authorized capital of a company (abroad).
  • Only an agent who has an address in the country for feedback can register.
  • How does the interaction between the customer and SION generally take place:
  • First, we communicate with the applicant, set goals, and  determine the country.
  • Filling out an application form to the required department in English or another language.
  • The application is sent (in electronic form) to the relevant department.
    • Next, the application is considered for compliance with the rules for registration of rights.
  • We pay fees, receive a certificate in paper and electronic form.

The SION’s specialists advise which country to choose for a specific purpose. The most effective way to protect yourself under international procedure is to register your intellectual property in the United States. But there are options.

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    It was in England that the concept of the authors’ rights emerged 310 years ago. The tradition of protecting authorship is developed here. To implement it, not only laws are taken into account, but also judicial decisions (precedents). The latter, for the most part, relate to the decision under the license.

    The results of creative work, according to local laws, are not subject to centralized registration. There are no general registers of works here. A specialized copyright society  confirms the origin of authorship, which carries out the deposit of copies and certifies the date of their submission. Societies have their own registers, data from which are recognized by the state and the court (at the national and international level). You can confirm your rights through a notary or publication of a work.

    Our UK accredited London attorney is ready to represent you. He will help to correctly submit documents to a specialized depository in order to secure the rights in accordance with British requirements.

    In Russia, there is no general state register in which authorship is recorded. Therefore, they are not talking about state registration, but about depositing, that is, transferring a copy for storage. The Russian Authors’ Society is responsible for this. Sometimes notarial certification is used. The goal is to prove that the object existed at the time of contacting the responsible authority.

    Two types of objects – databases (DB) and computer programs – can be registered with Rospatent. For this, the following government fees are assumed:

    • Registration of the program, database – 60/40 USD. (for legal entities / individuals);
    • Transfer of rights without providing a contract (in Rospatent) – 130 USD;
    • Registration of the contract – 130 USD.

    In case of violation of the author’s rights, according to the Russian copyright  laws, it is possible to demand the termination of illegal actions and compensation for unlawful use. The specialists of our company will select the appropriate mechanism for the legalization of intellectual property. We will carry out documentary and advisory support, and draw up documents in accordance with Russian legislation. Before starting cooperation, we will make a calculation of costs for your case.

    In China, there are no state registers of authorship either. You can confirm the original source in the same ways as in Russia:

    Publication with a legal protection icon (C);

    • Deposit in local and international societies;
    • Certification through a notary;
    • Clearance through the Library of Congress.

    All of them can be referenced if plagiarism or illegal use by third parties is found. Cases of illegal distribution are very common. They are actively fighting with him: they can be awarded a fine, the closure of an enterprise and even a prison term.

    National features:

    • It is obligatory to register computer software, the rest is voluntary.
    • Responsible agencies – People’s Republic of China Copyright Office (CNAC), China Copyright Protection Center (CPCC). They issue a certificate.
    • Cost – 15-80USD + remuneration for our work.
    • The duration of the procedure is 30-90 days.

    We advise you on how to better protect your creative and intellectual work in China. Our employees are well versed in China copyright law. We work directly with the responsible departments.

    Legalization of intellectual property in the United States is a powerful, effective and promising legal instrument for protecting an object in the event of any violation. Its main advantage is the ability to receive compensation for damages for illegal use. In the USA, a great deal of practice has been developed on this issue.

    The US bureau in charge is called the Copyright Office. Contacting it will establish the presumption that the authorship of the work is protected and third parties have been warned about it. The law in the United States allows you to collect fines and compensation for misuse, to demand reimbursement of expenses for a lawyer when filing a lawsuit.

    It is worth registering authorship under the international procedure in the United States for the sake of an official certificate. One copy of the work will be deposited in the Library of Congress register copyright. The registration fee is 65 USD, plus you will need to pay for the shipping of documents to the United States and the services of our attorney. The procedure will take 3-16 months.

    Preparing and submitting an application to the American bureau is a specific procedure, our specialists will take care of it. They will help the applicant obtain maximum protection and shorten the registration procedure. Contacting the US Copyright Office takes place directly, without the cost of intermediary services.

    You can register intellectual property in Europe in private depositories. One of the most famous is the EU Copyright  online service. He issues a certificate with a date confirming the authorship, services will cost from 7 EUR and above. Prices for other services may differ. There is no unified register of protected works here either.

    The protection of intellectual property in the European Union is striving for unification. It is governed by the EU copyright directive. In Europe, there is a serious struggle for the interests of copyright holders and for toughening the punishment for Internet piracy. Thanks to one of the directives, copyright holders have the opportunity to require the removal of content from sites.

    Protected are musical, literary, dramatic, artistic and scientific works, as well as photos, databases, programs. The German Copyright Act 2003 became the basis for many EU copyright laws. Progressive German legislation reacts quickly to violations.

    The SION’s patent attorneys advise on how best to prove your contribution to the results of creative activity and to register it. You can apply to a notary office, an authoring society / agency, or to a court in one of the EU countries. We will prepare the documents, send them and accompany the process until the certificate is received.

    The registration price for the applicant will depend on such points as:

    • Country of circulation;
    • The number of registered objects;
    • The specifics of the procedure (registration or deposit);
    • The term of deposit (if in a private depository, it can be very different);
    • To whom the registration is carried out (natural or legal person);
    • Regular or expedited procedure;
    • Other subtleties.

    SION’s specialists help to register the protection of rights at the international level. Thanks to our experience, we suggest the best option for each case. Before the start of cooperation, we will calculate the registration price (official registration fees + our fee). Take advantage of our offer to protect against pirates on the Internet and in reality!

    To calculate the cost of copyright registration, please mail us:

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