04.01.2022 NFT token what is it? Protection of rights to NFT tokens

Many business owners have long discovered the possibilities of using Blockchain technology to automate and simplify a number of business processes. However, the world does not stand still and new opportunities appear for the use of this technology and earnings, for example, through the creation of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, which are now regularly in the news, some of which are sold at auctions for huge amounts.

30.12.2021 Happy 2022 New Year!

The SION’s team sincerely wishes you a Happy New Year 2022 and Merry Christmas! May this year give you energy and opportunities to implement the most daring ideas and plans. Good health, love, peace to every home! See you in the New Year! SION patent • tax• law team

28.11.2021 What is a startup?

The entire world has been experiencing a startup boom for some time now. The project must be well organized, get adequate funding, protection from competitors, and not forget to take into account a number of risks.

06.11.2021 Eurasian patent system

Patents peculiarity is that they are valid only in the country of registration. Unlike objects of copyright, which are protected all over the world.

23.10.2021 Instagram copyright infringement

The use of someone else's content without permission occurs on all networks, but now let's talk about how to protect copyrights on Instagram.